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Welcome to The Recipe Food Revolution.  My name is Marc Bovim and I have been in the food industry professionally for nearly 20 years. This journey's aim is to revolutionise how people think about food and cooking and to transform the "eat to live" thinking to a "live to eat" lifestyle.

Have you ever been given a recipe book and thought of making something from it and then shelved it with all the others to collect dust ?- the Recipe Book Challenge takes books from our shelves and we have to cook a dish or meal from it and report back on how well the recipe works.  We have learned so many new things through this and trust that you will enjoy the journey with us.  We will revolutionise food one recipe at a time.

The Reviews section of the site covers my opinions about food and travel experiences I have had.  It is an honest account of my time at restaurants, guest houses, hotels or on tours.  It is subjective, so please express your opinions and comments by clicking on the heading and leaving your thoughts with us.


Enjoy the revolution!


I eat therefore I am...